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I specialize in shooting weddings, families, couples, the newly-engaged, soon-to-be-weds, newlyweds, anniversaries, birthdays, seniors, and grads. I love shooting in Vegas because the city is brimming with character and the desert light is always different. If my photos catch your eye and you would like to become a client, I will give you my all and capture some cool, vibrant photos for you.

Top picture: that's me. It was absolutely freezing when this pic was snapped. Nevertheless, not pictured: the shorts I was wearing! What was I thinking? Bottom picture: it was all worth it for this panorama of Zion Canyon Overlook, taken at the crack of dawn in January. It was one of the most gorgeous things I have ever seen.


Fact 1

I started Last Minute Photography® in 2018 as my creative outlet and business continues to grow year after year. I shoot Vegas locals and visitors and photography is my passion. I am excited to see the shots we get! Contact >>


Fact 2

I love camping, being outdoors, and landscape photography! Check out the panorama above I took on an early morning hike in January as the sun started rising over the Zion Canyon Overlook Trail. You can see some more of my favorite shots in the gallery below. Contact >>


Fact 3

I love spontaneity and "living in the moment" which is why I like to photograph people the most. Shooting live events and people's portraits is the very definition of "living in the moment" and it is infinitely interesting to me that it is a different experience every time I go out to shoot, even when it's at the same place. I think it might have to do with Las Vegas's glorious desert light! Contact >>

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Your photographer, Chris, specializes in shooting small weddings, engagement & couples, family shoots, and seniors & grads. Last Minute Photography® has operated in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA since 2018.


Text me at 702-767-9248 or send me a message through WhatsApp.